Throughout my training career, my training partners and I have encountered infections and rashes while training and competing in the cleanest of gyms. I tried countless products that claimed to be safe, but they ended up damaging my skin and leaving me feeling dried out. I noticed that for someone like myself that trains more than three times a week, there needed to be a better product that would not affect the hydration of my skin. 

I had the idea to create my own brand of products that were safe for athletes of all ages. In 2018, I started working with healthcare professionals and chemists to develop a new blend that combined essential oils and natural ingredients. I made sure that my products not only kept me safe from infections, but also hydrated my skin.

The Suplex Soap products have a unique mixture that leaves you feeling clean and safe, while also keeping your skin healthy and hydrated! The company has grown to not just Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and combat sports athletes, but all other sports that hygiene and skin safety is a priority.