By Athletes, For Athletes

Charlie Campbell - Founder

All my life I have been dealing with the infections and rashes that come with training and competing... Even the cleanest gyms and facilities left me exposed to harmful bacterias. I would use other products that claimed to be safe but instead I was drying out and damaging my skin.

I had the idea to start a brand with my own products that were safe in everyway, for all ages of athletes. In 2018 I began working with health care professionals and chemists to develop an all new blend that combined together key essential oils and natural ingredients.

My products contain a unique mixture that leave you feeling clean and safe yet also healthy and hydrated!

One Thing Is For Sure..

It isnt fair to athletes and thier parents to have any fears when deciding to participate or sign their child up for Wrestling, Jiu JItsu, or any other Combat Sport.

My vision has always been to provide products that keeps everyone safe, happy, and training as often as they need to!


The Octenum Soap company was started in 2019 by Charlie Campbell.

Charlie began wrestling at the age of 6 and is currently a Professional MMA Fighter.